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Where's my mojo?

The last few weeks have been a bit of a mixed bag on the art front. I’ve been busy delivering and restocking artwork and visiting exhibitions but I haven’t created a single new piece of artwork. After a pretty prolific year so far, I seem to have lost my mojo. Hopefully it will return soon, as I don’t remember agreeing for it to go off on holiday.

Last week I finally managed to make it to the Hope to Nope exhibition at the Design Museum I’d been looking forward to going for ages. The exhibition explores how graphic design and technology have influenced political movements over the last 10 years. Although the exhibition was smaller than I was expecting, there was some great artwork and some very thought provoking stats and videos. My favourite piece was the all seeing Trump, an animatronic retro style fortune telling Trump in a glass box who “sees everything and knows nothing”. The eerie, red eyed robo-Trump depicts satirical, extreme, bleak futures that are both hilarious and frightening. The exhibition is on until 12th August so if you’re nearby make sure you check it out.

I have also been busy delivering and restocking shops and galleries with my new cards and artwork (and also sticking the odd sticker here and there). This mainly involved lugging lots of artwork around London and on trains back to Hull, mixed with some death-defying ladder climbs. You can now see and buy Renegade Art products at the following places: - The Creative Lab, Beverley

- Chance, Hull

- Cat in the Sack, Hull

- D-Pod, London

- Atom Gallery, London

If you’re quick, some of them also have some free stickers to give away. However, if they have run out by the time you get there, or you’re too lazy to go and get some, then please message me and I’ll pop some in the post. Right. I’m now off to see if I can find that pesky mojo........

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