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The art of protests!

Just over a week ago I was lucky enough to be part of the Creative Debuts Anti-Trump art show. The exhibition was amazing. It’s hard to imagine that one individual can be so vile that they inspire so much art that draws attention to the hideous things they have said and done. I went along to the opening night and had great fun punching a trump punch bag right in the face, I’m not a violent person but that felt gooooooooood, and firing a plastic bow and arrow at a trump target. The artwork was diverse, offensive, thought provoking and honest. I was just so pleased to play a small part in this brilliant exhibition.

Last week I also went along to the Banksy exhibition Laz inc gallery. Love him or hate him (I’m definitely in the love camp), it’s hard to deny Banksy’s on point social commentary and satire of popular culture. Unfortunately there was nothing in the exhibition that I had not seen before (I’ve been to a lot of Banksy exhibitions!) but it was nice to see some original work up-close and personal again and a great exhibition to go along to. Did I mention that it’s also free??? It certainly reminded me of why I chose to produce and show my artwork in the first place. It’s definitely inspired me to carry on producing art that has an underlying comment on society and as I’m now officially a street artist (I’ve stuck some stickers on lampposts!!!) you never know, I might even break out my spray paints in public at some point!

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