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Hello Mojo!

Last week I finally made it to theRoyal Academy Summer Exhibition. I’ve wanted to go for the last few weeks so I sneaked out of work when no one was looking and went along, hopefully no one missed me! I’ve not been to the summer exhibition before and, as I have a rule that I won’t apply for exhibitions where you have to pay to apply, I have never applied. But boy do I wish I’d made an exception for this! The exhibition is curated by Grayson Perry so I should have guessed it would be something special. The art was amazing. It was eclectic, bright, bold and colourful. Just the way I like it!

I said a few weeks ago that I’d lost my mojo, well this exhibition hunted it down like pack of rabid dogs, grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and gave it a firm kick up the backside. I spent so much time there taking photos, writing notes in my phone and planning my next pieces of artwork, I was surprised that I wasn’t sacked when I finally made it back to work. But I didn’t care, I had so many ideas, my head was spinning.

For me, it was the best exhibition I’ve been to this year and proves that you don’t need to have art from a big named artist to put on an amazing exhibition and bring in the crowds. With my new found inspiration you never know, I may even break my own rule and and apply next year. After all, I am a renegade 😁

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