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I like to move it, move it

The stats over the last week are in and include 1 house move, 9 new pieces of artwork, 60 prints, 2 festivals, 2 trips to Ikea and 1 wall of death. Just over a week ago I swapped the hustle and bustle of Camden for the chilled out greenery of Walthamstow. This also meant the relocation of Renegade Towers aka my kitchen floor (sorry to shatter the illusion) to Renegade Studios, an actual, physical art studio. Well, it’s a space at the bottom of the garden at the moment but at some point it will become an art studio. I’m so excited, I can’t believe that I will have some space just to create art, I previously had to wait until my wife was away so that I could trash our flat and cover everything in paint, and then franticly clean up as though nothing had happened just before she returned. This will hopefully mean that I’ll produce many more paintings than I previously did. After braving Ikea twice in a week (that’s definitely my quota done for the year) I went to Hull for 4 days to relax and attend 2 festivals. I always draw a lot of inspiration from music, especially the lyrics, so this felt like the perfect way to end a busy week.

It’s hard to describe how music influences my art but as I listen certain lyrics seem to just jump out at me, conjuring up vivid images in my head. The images are so strong I can’t stop thinking about them. I’m pleased to say that this happened while I was watching the amazing Rich Stephenson do a brilliant set at the Humber Street Sesh . The next day at Withfest my mum dragged me away from the music to the wall of death, which was terrifying. I have to say I much prefer watching a band with a pint in my hand, than having a motorbike rushing towards my face, it seems much safer!

I also collected my annual bumper print order in preparation for upcoming art fairs and to restock D-pod and the Creative Lab. Included in the order was some new artwork from my collaboration with Oliver Norris. Although we’ve revealed one piece so far, the rest are a closely guarded secret that will be exhibited for the first time New Artist Fair in September. I can’t wait to show them!

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